How many of you gave a fuck about the myu before 2013? Not many huh? Honestly? I wanna know!

If I could tell you…

My opinion of some of the fans’ reaction… Psshhhhuuuuuuu shhhhhhhhhhhhh

We have been unabashed Sailor Moon fans since 1994… this is crazy shit y’all~ 20 years


I will take better photos of my collection later. I’ll probably do a video about collecting DVDs as well. I want to educate people on how to buy legitimate versions of the series.

My collection is actually not technically complete, but I own the entirety of the series in English (dub and sub) and all the Japanese DVDs.

The main focus of my collection, DVDs and books. <3 oh don’t mind the top getting more 17” dolls lol

Dolls, CDs, VHS, and LDs <3

Guess who just finished her Sailor Moon DVD collection…

Sailor Moon Fans: Watch this!

You won’t be disappointed

::Sailor Moon:: AMV ♪Devour♪ (by AntonRagnarsson)


Apparently I never posted photos of Saturn here. Probably because it was a rushed costume.

Since Alex was posting Tomoe, I thought I should post my counterpart. (Which makes me think we should remake these…)

Anyways, here we are. Photo by Solar Tempest.

This is a great Hotaru! Her expression is PERFECT!

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