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My edit. Original scan from Manga Style!

My edit. Original scan from Manga Style!

Sailor Moon R The Movie

Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon R The Movie


I love this picture; it’s so inspiring! (Warning, there are some nasty comments on the linked page :/)

Although I don’t know much about cosplaying, I do know that many, many people are afraid to cosplay characters that aren’t their race because they are either afraid of not being able to pull it off, and even more commonly, they are afraid of others judging them.

So when I see people of different races cosplaying characters, it makes me really happy. I’m even happier when they do an amazing job, like these girls did! I think it’s awful that so many people are afraid of the judgement they may receive if they cosplay a character who isn’t the same race as them. These girls did a fantastic job!

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Inner Soldiers’ Group Transformation.

SuperS movie.